Friday, 31 August 2012

Sea Champions hit 100!


100 Sea Champions are now representing MCS in their communities!

From Falmouth to Hastings, Swansea to Bangor and Edinburgh all the way up to Sutherland, our team of a hundred Sea Champions are out there raising a voice for our seas.
Sea Champions have been instrumental in gathering support for our campaigns, encouraging thousands of people to pledge for marine protection, getting public support for "Break the Bag Habit", and asking organisations to say 'No!' to balloon and lantern releases.
Some Sea Champions have been trained as Seasearch divers, have taken part in Beachwatch surveys and have got involved in marine wildlife reporting across the UK.
From dive shows, wildlife festivals and sustainable seafood events, to school assemblies, talks for SCUBA clubs and even co-hosting wildlife cruises with RSPB, you name it, Sea Champions have been there getting the public involved, engaging the next generation, and signing up new volunteers all over the UK.
Sea Champions have made a fantastic start to getting the MCS message out into their communities!
Whether you are retired, a student or a professional, anybody can get involved. Our Sea Champion recruitment goes on so do get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator for your area to find out how, or visit


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Busy with beach art at St. Bees!

Beach lovers at St. Bees created a sand menagerie of marine wildlife to highlight just how amazing our seas are!

Sea Champion and MCS Trustee Kay Foster manned an MCS stand at the Wildlife Trust's Beached Art event to help spread the message about marine conservation.

From basking sharks, starfish, and minke whales to cuttlefish and turtle hatchlings, there were some truely amazing entries into the beach art competition. 

Kay focused on promoting our turtle projects by helping children make turtle hatchlings out of old egg boxes!  Hands on activities like this are a great way to engage familes allowing you to talk about what's out there and what anyone can do to help protect it. 

If you'd like to run this activity at an event near you, download our activity sheet.  

Turtle hatchlings on the beach at St. Bees!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The South Devon Crab Festival - back, bigger and better than ever before!

The Sea Champions team were joined by our Fisheries Program Manager Jim Masters at the weekend for the South Devon Crab Festival!

The team took part in this fantastic week of fun crabby events dedicated to the celebration of South Devon Brown Crab, one of the regions finest natural resources which is now recommended if taken from the South Devon Inshore Potting Agreement Area.

From street parties to crab throwing competitions ( crabs hurt!) the week of activities centered around learning about their habitats and the importance of sustainability in fishing for them.

It was a perfect opportunity for the Sea Champions team to promote and distribute our Pocket Good Fish Guides as well as gather pledges for Marine Conservation Zones in England.

Clare, one of the event organisers pledging for Marine Conservation Zones at the South Devon Crab Festival

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Food for Thought!

Teaching kids about sustainable seafood 

Teaching hundreds of kids about sustainable seafood may seem like quite a daunting task, but it is so important they understand the basics of overfishing.

Welsh Projects Officer Dr. Lou Luddington and Welsh Sea Champions Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca O’Dowd came up with a great activity to run at the ‘Food for Thought!’ event in Bridgend.

Using the basics of the game tag, they had one team of kids play the role of fishermen whilst the other team pretended to be fish – when they increased the number of fishermen, you guessed it, the number of fish decreased much more quickly!

They introduced the concept of sustainability and different fishing methods by asking the kids to think about which fishing methods might reduce the number of fish quicker than others, using pole and line and net fishing as examples.

“Over 500 children attended the event. Although of primary school age, they were really clued up about overfishing, and were keen to know what sort of questions they should ask when they eat fish in restaurants” explained Rebecca.

“Food for Thought” was organised by Bridgend County Borough Council and Bridgend Environment Educational and Sustainability Partnership.